Matt Beard here. Artifacts from the Edge is all about sharing my newest paintings directly with folks who want to see them.

If you’re not familiar with my work already, check out mattbeardart.com to dive in and see what I’ve been up to for the last 20 years while wandering around California’s western edges.

Enjoy New Work.

It’s as simple as that. I keep these Artifacts from the Edge emails pretty basic and try to focus on new work that hasn’t been shared anywhere else yet. You’ll be the first to see new paintings from the field on road trips, or freshly completed in the studio.

Opportunities for Collectors.

Most of the artwork I post on social media is already sold by the time I get around to posting it. This is pretty frustrating for collectors as many of you know. The problem with relying on social media to share artwork is that we are all at the mercy of each platform’s algorithms.

For example, if an artist mentions that a painting is available and especially if they include a price, the algorithms know that business is at hand and unless the artist pays to promote the post, that painting which many folks would love to see and maybe even purchase will be suppressed and shown to fewer people. It’s a brutal game.

Hence, this little project, Artifacts from the Edge, that will bring new work, most of which is still available for purchase, right to your inbox, giving you a pass to the front of the line. I also like to offer early-bird deals on these paintings since having them sell quickly here saves me the extra effort of having to show these works and sell them in gallery settings.

But collectors who subscribe here won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of these Artifacts from the Edge goes directly to your inbox. Easy.


  • Emails will come from mattbeardart@substack.com so you might want to set up your email to always deliver emails from this address to your primary inbox so they don’t end up in some wonky folder.

  • If you see a painting you want in one of these emails, act fast! I never know how things will go but occasionally every piece in an email sells the day it’s sent out. Those are good days for me, but hard days for collectors who missed out on the one(s) they wanted.

  • If you see me painting out on the coast in your neighborhood, I prefer donuts in the morning, and beers in the afternoon. You will be remembered and you’ll get an even better deal. Promise.

Ok Thanks for signing up. Cheers!